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Bird control needs for homeowners varies drastically for each unique situation; because no two houses are the same, no two services will be the same. BirdBusters highly trained technicians and office staff can help you determine the best bird control service for your needs.

Homeowners have problems with everything from small nesting birds such as Starlings, to nuisance birds like Woodpeckers and Pigeons. We offer free inspections to determine what pest bird is causing your problem, as well as creating a comprehensive bird control program that will suite your needs. Our prices are highly competitive, and we are able to arrive at your home usually with-in one business day.

Birds are opportunistic invaders; if they find attic vents with screens that have been damaged or holes in the siding, they will quickly begin nesting. Having proper screening on attic, dryer, and hood vents will effectively prevent birds from accessing these areas. BirdBusters uses specialized bird control products such as steel mesh to eliminate access to attic vents and damaged siding for all birds. We also use a vent cover that will prevent birds from opening louvers and moving into vents and duct systems. When the birds are no longer able to nest, unsightly droppings and debris are no longer a problem.

Commonly throughout the year Woodpeckers will make life extremely unpleasant for many homeowners or renters. The constant drumming on the siding or even chimney caps can make a person feel as if they are under constant attack. The key to gaining sanity can be a simple scare-eye balloon hung where the birds are drumming, or some spike placed on the chimney cap to prevent the birds from having access to the metal. Wherever your problem area is located the trained professionals at BirdBusters will be able to help solve your Woodpecker problem.