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For over 20 years BirdBusters has been working hand in hand with architects, general contractors, and government agencies completing bird control programs. In fact, our team has worked on jobsites in all 50 states! We can help you with any problem from birds nesting in your eaves, to large commercial properties.

When birds are nesting on your commercial structures potential customers may chose not to patronize your business. In a downward economy you canít afford to let any business slip by. As such, you donít want just anyone treating your bird control problem. Instead trust the professionals at BirdBusters to complete your bird control service right the first time. We will properly identify the species of bird and use the appropriate bird control deterrent to insure that you no longer have to mess with the birds!

Large parking structures, warehouses, or loading docks are common locations for Pigeons, Crows, Starlings, and other birds to nest. The proper installation of a bird control product such as netting or bird /pigeon spike can eliminate nesting and perching areas. The proper installation of these bird control devices is important to ensure that the service you receive will last not only for a few days, but for years. BirdBusters not only specializes in these services, but we also manufacture the materials. Who better to install the products than the ones that make them?

Millions of dollars in damage is caused every year by pest birds to our buildings, automobiles, roofs, etc. Not only can the birds cause substantial damage; but they can also cause health problems to your employees and residents that may result in unwanted legal action to building owners and facility managers. Preventing the bird problems from reaching this point is highly recommended to reduce a potentially negative outcome from arising.