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The safety and health of students and staff are always a priority for schools. As such, school officials are taking a more aggressive stance on bird control. Due to the potential diseases and bacteria birds leave behind in their droppings, it is important to impose an integrated bird control system. Since birds are opportunistic, they tend to perch and nest in areas with high food sources. Schools are a great place for birds to scavenge both food and water; not to mention all of the places that provide safe nesting sites. BirdBusters has worked with schools to complete an integrated bird control program that safely removes hazardous bird droppings and prevents birds from nesting.

Our technicians are trained to create a comprehensive bird control program for schools that account for current landing and nesting problem areas as well as potential new ones. By completing an integrated system that may include multiple methods of bird control, schools are able to reduce costly clean up and equipment replacement expenses. Not to mention play sheds, and outside eating areas are less likely to be contaminated by bird droppings.

Many school districts are remodeling or building new schools to accommodate growing class sizes. BirdBusters staff has worked with architects and building engineers to design/build bird control programs that are effective, aesthetically pleasing, and still fall under required budgets. BirdBusters has worked on designs for everything from water features and H-Vac units to stadiums and outside play areas. No project is too large or too small for our team.

Netting Installing netting under eaves, rafters, or structural beams removes perching or nesting sites for birds of all sizes. Netting effectively eliminates access to birds by placing a physical barrier between the bird and the desired nesting or loafing site. Unsightly droppings and debris will no longer be an issue.

Spikes When medium sized birds are perching on ledges, spikes make a great physical barrier. BirdBusters carries the highest industry standard all stainless steel spike, so that any job we complete has a longer warranty and the products will not become brittle and break over time. Spikes also come in different sizes so that any ledge from narrow to wide can be effectively treated.

Screening Small to medium sized birds will often find holes in siding or small nooks and make them into nesting sites. BirdBusters removes the damaged material and installs a steel screen the effectively prevents access to these spaces. Not only are the birds unable to get back into the voids, but they are also unable to remove or break through the new stronger screening.

Cleaning - When birds have been nesting in buildings, attic spaces or even just hanging out on roofs and ledges, droppings will accumulate. It is important to have a trained professional that has the appropriate safety gear and knowledge to clean and properly dispose of the droppings.

Trapping When an adequate bird control system is over budget, using live traps to remove the existing problem is an effective alternate means of bird removal or population control. When play sheds or roof areas only have a small population of birds, weekly visits can effectively reduce or eliminate the bird population in a cost effective manner.

Live bird removal - Some situations require that birds be removed by non-lethal means. Small birds that are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Act may fly into offices, gymnasiums, or cafeterias. When one of these situations occur, BirdBusters has a program to safely remove the bird without harming it.