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Many new construction projects or remodels are requiring that bird control systems be installed on structures to insure the integrity of the construction materials. BirdBusters staff has worked with architects and building engineers to design/build bird control programs that are effective, aesthetically pleasing, and still fall under required budgets. Not only can our staff properly bid the installation of a system, but we also manufacture the products and can save you money by eliminating the middleman.

BirdBusters employees are extensively trained to not only create the highest industry bird control systems, but also work safely on construction sites. It is important for every person on the job site to have a thorough understanding of OSHA safety requirements. Our technicians carry safety gear with them at all times, and have the proper certification to use aerial lifts, ladders, scaffolding, and bosun’s chair.


Installing netting under eaves, rafters, or structural beams removes perching or nesting sites for birds of all sizes. Netting effectively eliminates access to birds by placing a physical barrier between the bird and the desired nesting or loafing site. Unsightly droppings and debris will no longer be an issue.

Spikes When medium sized birds are perching on ledges, spikes make a great physical barrier. BirdBusters carries the highest industry standard all stainless steel spike, so that any job we complete has a longer warranty and the products will not become brittle and break over time. Spikes also come in different sizes so that any ledge from narrow to wide can be effectively treated.

Electrified deterrents

  Birds that are perching on high visibility ledges may be deterred from landing using low visibility products. Electrified bird deterrents such as Fly-Bye’s Shockstrip are placed on the edge of ledges, and only sits about ¼” high. This product is highly effective in deterring all species of birds from landing on surfaces.

Wire systems Since many commercial buildings are near the coast Seagulls can be a large problem for venders. By installing overhead wire systems to roof tops, Seagulls landing and flight patterns are disrupted, effectively reducing the population. Reducing the landing sites will also stretch the lifespan of costly roofs.


When birds have been nesting in buildings, attic spaces or even just hanging out on the roof, droppings will accumulate. It is important to have a trained professional who has the appropriate safety gear and knowledge to clean and properly dispose of the droppings.