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Provider Questions

You wouldn’t take your car problems to a veterinarian, so why take your bird control problem to a pest control professional that doesn’t specialize in bird control? It is important to make sure that the company you contract to take care of your bird control needs has a team that will take care of your problem right the first time. Here are some questions we recommend you ask prior to hiring someone to treat your problem:

How many years has the company been in business?

Anything under 10 years is a warning.

How many years have you done bird control?

Many companies that offer pest control services also offer bird control. Making sure that they are not new to this specialized field is important.

How frequently are your technicians doing bird control?

They should be doing bird work daily, or almost daily. Anything else means that they do not specialize in bird control.

Do you offer a warranty or a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

All bird work should have a warranty that no birds are able to access the areas that have been treated. If you are not offered a warranty then another company should be chosen.

Can you identify the species of birds based on the waste and debris?

The proper identification of the bird species dictates the type of control that is completed. If they are unsure then the wrong treatment may be used. Being able to identify birds based on the debris left behind is also a sign of experience.

Are you backed by a manufacturer?

Companies that are not backed by a manufacturer are often not certified to use the materials necessary to properly complete a bird control service. It would be like having an unlicensed electrician wiring your home.

How long can I expect a job to take? Do you stock all of the materials, or do you need to order them prior to the service?

Companies that do not specialize in bird control will often order products from the manufacturer on an as needed basis. Sometimes just waiting for the products can take weeks. Companies should always have the proper equipment and supplies readily available to complete work in a timely manner.

Are you prepared to start work immediately on a large construction site?

Many large construction sites are on fluctuating time schedules. Bird control companies should be able to accommodate a last minute schedule change, as this is not an uncommon practice.

Are your technicians certified to work on lifts?

Certification by lift companies, equipment companies, and safety companies is the norm for a qualified bird control company. Proper certification should always be available for the customer to view when equipment such as lifts are being used.

Do your technicians know what the proper safety gear is for a construction site?

If the company does not have a team that frequents construction sites they will likely not have the proper gear with them to be on site. Not only is this dangerous for the employee but it may also be a liability for the general contractor.

Do you follow OSHA’s regulations for safety?

Since Bird Control is considered a form of construction all technicians within a company should be familiar with OSHA’s regulations for every aspect of their job. Hesitation in a response may be a sign that they are unsure or unaware of the regulations.

Many companies state that they have over 20 years of experience, but that is limited to pest control, most only have next to no bird control experience. Bird control is really a form of construction and should be completed by a professional that does this kind of work every day. BirdBusters only does bird control so the work is properly completed the first time. Not only that, but we also manufacture the products so there is no wait time on completing work. We can bid large netting jobs and begin the work the following day. No need to schedule 3-4 weeks in advance while we wait for the material to show up! There are only a couple companies in the United States that can offer this type of service.